Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your opinion needed. Help me pick the right name

Hey friends, your opinion needed! I am opening a boutique + cafe soon. And I still don't have the right name! I thought about Mise En Scene (a film terminology, French word, means costume, setting, and everything visuals in a movie. I picked this name becos I will be selling Fashion and other stylish things including home and lifestyle products. Also, I think all the world's a stage, and we're merely players. Btw, it pronounces Mi-Song-Sen ) 

However, everyone hate this name. Don't know how to pronounce, hard to remember, they said.

So I came up with a different name. a la maison. Also a French word. It means "at home". (Because My boutique will be designed as a bachelor's apartment. When you are here, you feel "at home")

(don't ask me why I keep picking French word. I don't know. I don't even like French! But English is too common. And home in Italian is Casa, sounds like a furniture shop.

So, voting time. Mise en Scene and a la maison, which one do u like better?

Or do u have a better name? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

p/s: Just found out that  "Chez Moi" means "my place/home". What about this one?


  1. 我投“Mise en Scene”一票,因为我爱电影,哈!Btw,是开在吉隆坡吗?还是新加坡?如果是KL,请drop一个mail给我:chongweikk@gmail.com,让我知道地点及联络,因为我的杂志最近加强潮流采访部分,或许可以建议我的记者去作推介噢,相信你的“家”一定会让我的杂志增色不少呢。^_^

  2. sebastian,是开在Damansara。等我店开了,一定邀请你。

  3. by the way, 中伟,mise en scene不会太难念吗?看到不会念的店名,你可会没兴趣,甚至反感?

  4. How about "Home Stage" or something like that. A La Maison will make you slightly unapproachable still - to some people. English words are common, but good combinations of English words are still rare.

    Between the two you have picked though, A La Maison is easier to pronounce correctly, and that alone makes it significantly better.

  5. both are good and they sound artistic and high class
    but, yup, i agree that the former is harder to pronounce and remember.

    by the way, bachelor's apartment? wow, what a nice concept!

  6. A La Maison.It impressed me at the first sight more than mise en scene.^^

  7. Wow, so far a la maison got the most vote... elayne, 王子, lampfly, thanks to your opnion.

    All other friends, Please cast your vote!

  8. 翰铭,我是觉得吖,部分人看到难念/不会念的店名会直批“造作”,但也部分人会产生好奇而选择“询问”,结果应该蛮两极的,呵呵;你就从心作择吧。^_^

  9. Wilz, I forgot to thank you.


    令我意外的是,加上facebook的統計,a la maison有10票,mise en scene竟然也有8票。大概我的朋友都太有個性了吧?本來是希望大家一面倒的選擇某個,那我就可以不必煩的。