Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here is the result

Ok, guys, result time. Combining votes from facebook, email and my blog, here is the result:

a la maison : Yoyo, Laura, Koren, Wen Wen, Pih Ching, L Chen Yung, Lampfly, Wilz, 王子, Elayne, Kenny, Amanda. = 12 votes (Bo hates this name)

mise en scene : Mei Yee, Bo, Alan, David Chua, Robin, Wish, Jil, Sebastian = 8 votes (2 person hate this name: Hans and Samuel)

Chez Moi : Samuel, Ren Hui, Sophia, Jeane, David Chai. =  5 votes

However, I received an email from my dearest brother in law, IVAN HO, we gave me this brilliant idea.

A Loft of Things

How about that?

My shop is designed in Loft style. And indeed I have a lot of things to sell - fashion, accessories, home & lifestyle products, gifts... sounds like a kedai runcit, huh? So the name says it all.

Does everyone agree with this one? or should i stick to a la maison? after all, it got the highest vote leh.

In fact, i like the name so much that I designed the logo (using the lousy microsoft Word) for it right away. Which logo do u like the best?



  1. "a loft of things", i guess is a name that suits the best.
    In my first impression, the name goes with simplicity, comfortable and homely.
    So, i comes out an idea of the icon. You may have a look at my blog.
    FYI, i'm not having any design background or professional graphic training. So, don't put high expectation on it. It is basically just a draft, something very raw. And, just to share an idea of mine. Don't take it so seriously:)

  2. I like A Loft of Things.

    For your Logo, you may wish to make "A Loft" big and "of Things" smaller, so that for quick identification, your customers will refer to you as "The Loft" or "A Loft". Your full name (registration etc) can include "of Things" as well.

  3. yea,agree,tis sounds great! and for the logo, can be a little bit more special~^^

  4. lampfly,看过你画的图了。真的很棒!


  5. thanks wilz. elayne, got your point, thanks!

  6. 在中学时期只学了4年左右的水彩和素描。